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Cuit Studio is the collision between my two passions, Interior design and ceramics. After moving out from Barcelona I wanted to create a studio which complemented both aspects of my life and offered the possibility to bring the designs abroad. I love working with natural materials, playful shapes and colors to create a fresh, modern and unique new mediterranean style with authentic and original ceramic designs to complete the space. Do you love it too?

After working and collaborating with several interior design studios and working among different ceramic artists, it made me realize that everybody needs to live beautifully. I believe that when you create an interior space it needs to express feelings and create atmospheres. Browsing among the service packs you can choose the one that suits you the best and work together with me for a personalized and unique design that adjusts to your needs. 

Cuit studio is here to create beautiful designs for you. Wether it’s your dream home, your business space or a unique ceramic piece or set, I guarantee quality design, exceptional attention to details and deliver great work efficiently and on schedule. Either if you are choosing between online interior design or full-service interior design, the communication between us is going to be very close as we are going to work together on your project.


Beatriz Bolíbar.


After graduating in Interior design at the University of BAU, Design college of Barcelona (2014), finishing a Master degree in Interior design for Bars, Hotels and Restaurants at Elisava, Barcelona School of Design and Engineering (2017) and working for serveral years within the industry in Barcelona (2014-2018), in a high-end kitchen design company, and combining it with some freelancing projects at the same time, I decided to move to Amsterdam and approach design in a different way, developing skills and creativity among an international environment that has opened my eyes to a bigger artistic world.

In addition to that, I’ve been working with clay for the past 6 years. I started on a weekly wheel course in El Torn, International Hub of Ceramics in Barcelona, and evolved to handbuilding techinques as an independent artist at Studio Pansa in Amsterdam. Combining these two skills I have learnt to create bigger pieces with more playful shapes. Though I still have a lot more to learn, I love to adapt to each project and learn from the try and error process.

In my free time I love to attend life model drawing courses and do a bit of urban sketching. Sometimes I hop on different projects that I find interesting and might be a bit out of my range, such as styling and photographing and interior space or creating graphics for a specific design.