Model Room - Room Mate Rex



Hotel Room Mate - Elisava: Project for Master.


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project description

Rex, the new concept for a Room Mate Hotel.

Design of the model room for the new Room mate hotel located in "La Gran Via" of Madrid, Spain.

Rex, is a Dandy person who defines himself as eccentric, enigmatic and restless. Moreover, he loves to travel and wants to share the cultures and places where he has travelled to. In addition, his father is from Madrid and his mother is from Africa, and in this model room, he wants to represent the best part of his two worlds, along with its unique and authentic personality. So, the room will have both Madrilian (classic elements like cornices and high plinths, an upholstered bedhead and fine oak wood herringbone floor) and African styles (as colors, shapes and textures), and also an enigmatic touch.

Design of the branding and amenities for the Hotel.

Project for Master’s Degree in Interior design for Bars, Restaurants, Hotels and New hostelling, in collaboration with Laura Blanch and Naomi Rodríguez.